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: : : June 16, 2004 : : : 7:49 PM : : :

Hello hello!

E: "So when are we going to watch some football [soccer]?"

Me: "When one of us gets a channel that shows it."

Not having TV during EuroCup sucks! Right now I'm living off of newspapers and TV highlights, and boy those highlights are barely that. We can't even go to a pub because the games are on in the mornings and early afternoon, though I did walk past a restaurant playing a game during my lunch hour. However, I'm trying (though pretty unsuccessfully) to save up money so that means no buying lunch. We both thought of going to a cultural centre, but that's a bit intimidating.

I think it would be so much easier if the EuroCup were on a different continent.

Anyway, despite that, life has been pretty okay. I'm very busy at work but I don't have to go in on weekends to catch up. It was a bit unnerving last week because there was a "plant" in the office. She didn't do anything, she just...observed. Not even the HR manager knew much about her. Writing about that, though, reminds me to talk to the controller tomorrow. The HR manager is trying to pull a fast one on me, or at least that's what a bunch of us believe. Apparently there is a new vacation policy that employees can't get vacation until after a year of work, effective January 1 of this year. I was hired full on at the end of January, but that email was sent to everyone in May. When I asked to take a day off in August I was told that it was coming off of next year's vacation time. I'm going to ask the controller, who hired me (and not the HR manager), to tell him that I think it violates the terms of my employment.

I'm not getting ripped off of vacation time, especially because of the free overtime that I do. I'm damning the man, dammit!!

That's enough ranting. I could go on on how immature and selfish my sister was today, but I won't. I'll just say that someone has to actually be a martyr to act like one.

Anywhoooooo, Harry Potter 3 was so great! The best one yet, but that goes without saying with Alfonso Cuaron directing and not Chris Columbus. All the reviews talk about how great the action scenes are, but I was more impressed with the dialogue and the filming style. Also, the Dementors creeped me out! My sister got really confused but she didn't read the book. I think that's what will happen to those who haven't. But as someone who loves the books, this video is definitely one for the collection.

I�m really happy for my friend E. She�s going out on a date this weekend with a friend of hers who is also an acquaintance of mine. He�s a great guy and she deserves someone like him. I knew him from when I lived on the island and always went into his store to buy some indie CDs. It was an exciting day at work last year when E. and I realized that we knew the same guy. We both also know his business partner. Unfortunately they�re not business partners anymore as he left that partnership to pursue some other things. Also, last month the music store closed. I sort of felt sad about that because it was an end of an era in that town, however, that night�s party was a blast.

So this entry has gone everywhere, but really that�s not new here at chez woweezowee. Maybe I�ll just leave off with a really great link.


PS. Happy Bloomsday everybody!

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